Ethane carrying gas trailer: The ethane gas trailer is included two different series of 145 liters & 200 liters tanks. In 145 liters tank the trailer consist of four basket and each basket contains 36, 145liters tank which providing a water volume of about 20800 liters and 200 liters tanks the trailer consist of four basket and each basket contains 29, 200liters tanks which providing a water volume of about 23200 liters. There are many safety elements which is used in piping trailer designing. Specification Series ET145 Series ET200 Nominal Volume (Lit) 20800 23200 Working Pressure 165 165 Product Life (Year) 10 10 Nominal Net Weight of the Basket Collection 23500 25000 Dimension 2556*2300*12000 2440*2600*12000 Each basket is attached to the last box separately and is under control as a separate module. On each basket according to the number of the tanks, a standard valve with pressure and heat sensor is installed. The piping method on the basket is design to withstand possible displacements up to several centimeters in different directions and prevent possible leakage. On each basket a pressure gauge, a pressure assuring valve and a manual valve to separate the basket from the other modules and more safety, is installed. Flexible connection have also been made between the two containers to neutralize the relative movement between the two containers on the piping. On the last box of each basket to the manual valve is installed on the lines that enter from each basket to the box. Pressure assuring valve, pressure gauge as well as a temperature and pressure transmitter are also installed to control the container’s condition from the control center. An actuator is also installed on the discharge route which opens and close with the control center command and allows the gas to be discharged. All piping box design and pipe welding design under high pressure has been done by TAVANA’s specialists. METHANE Gas Carrying Trailer: CNG portable fuel station is mobile center that is used for refueling the motor vehicles. These stations occupy less space than fixed natural gas fuel stations. In many cases there is no possibilities for installing a fixed fuel station and to meet the requirement a mobile fuel station can solve the problem. Due to the power outage or technical problems in fixed stations gas storage units can be installed without any trouble and quickly next to the fixed refueling stations. The trailer carrying compressed natural gas is included five baskets consisting of 27,Liters tanks. The water volume of five basket is approximately liters. This product has also a compression unit, and a distribution control unit. Regarding to the utilized zipped collection, the output pressure of the collection is Bar which prepare refueling. The design and production of the tanks is based on ISO 9809-1. Another product of TAVANA’s carrying natural gas is 145 liters series tanks. This collection contain four separate baskets. Each basket consist of 33, 145liters tanks with capacity of about 4800 liters of water. This product has total capacity of 19200 liters of water. In order to install the basket on the trailer blade, both basket are connected to each other and can be installed on standard container blades. The blade container’s lock can be used to attach the baskets to each other by stainless steel piping. There is the ability to install a quick connection in the control box. The usage of these basket are for gas supply to village by mother and daughter method. Mobile fuel refueling stations to vehicles and or irritation methods and …. The compression process is done through a booster pump and in this product, the tanks, like the storage tanks of fixed fuel stations in the cities, are divided into different stages. Specification Series ET113 Series ET145 Nominal Volume (Lit) 15000 192000 Working Pressure 200 200 Product Life (Year) 10 10 Nominal Net Weight of the Basket Collection 23000 25000 For this purpose the gas in the tanks with low pressure reaches 200 bar pressure through the booster pump and refueling process takes place.After the gas pressure increases, the vehicles refueling process takes place through special dispenser for CNG vehicles.