Pre Charged Pneumatic rifles (PCP) work with air pressure and can be used to prepare air pressure for pumps, steel tanks or composite tanks. (Composite) and has an inner layer (liner) made of metal, which is mainly 6061 aluminum and is reinforced with carbon fiber in the form of all screws, and about 50% of type one (all-metal) tanks weigh less. Various can be ordered depending on the application and the needs of the customer. Due to the high working pressure and safety, these tanks have various applications, which can be used in hunting weapons, paintball and police, or as escape tanks in polluted atmospheres such as fire engines, oil wells or lifeboats. Used the title Respiratory Reservoir. The aluminum inner layer (liner) of these tanks is made with ISO 7866 standard and the inner layer of stainless steel is made with EN 1964-3 standard. The national standard governing the manufacture of the product is INSO 21293-2 and the international standard is ISO 11119-2. In the construction of the liner of these tanks, first a billet (sheet) with specific dimensions is prepared from 6061-O aluminum and then by indirect extrusion method, a long cup with a thickness of about 3 mm is prepared from the billet. Then, by applying pressure to the initial edge of the cup, the neck part of the tank is created, which must then be brought to the 6061-T4 aluminum by the heat treatment process, which has a higher hardness and strength. Then, by machining, the threading process of the throat part is completed In the next step, to prevent corrosion of the inner surface of the liner with the contents inside the tank, this area is covered by anodizing method. At the end of the liner, these tanks are made of carbon fiber impregnated with resin, which is wrapped around the tanks in a circumferential and spiral manner, and strengthens the tank. Finally, glass fibers are used to make the tank look more beautiful and hold the label.


breathing tanks contain oxygen gas that provides breathing air for a certain period of time in critical conditions and lack of oxygen by using a breathing mask. These tanks have low weight, high working pressure, easy portability and .... These products are suitable for firefighters, miners, biological laboratories, oil wells, etc., which have a polluted air atmosphere or lack of oxygen. This product is of type 3 composite tanks and has a liner made of SS316L stainless steel with a thickness of one millimeter, which is produced by welding process.