With a nominal production capacity of 200,000 Cylinder per year, this factory is the only one in Iran that enjoys two production lines operated at the same time. Benefiting from the state of the art technologies, this factory is able to produce all types of CNG pressure Cylinder and industrial Cylinder, compressed air Cylinder and gas bearing Cylinder. This factory is located in Alborz Industrial Township in Qazvin and is active as a green industrial unit in this region.The products of this factory include 35-liter Cylinder, 62-liter Cylinder, 75-liter Cylinder, 91-liter Cylinder, 101-liter Cylinder, 113-liter Cylinder and other customized industrial Cylinder.In this factory, CNG Cylinders are designed, tested and produced in line with INSO 2197 standard, the industrial Cylinders are also designed, tested and produced in line with ISIRI 2929 standard.