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Actions of CRM unit (customer relationship management) in the conversion project of Tavana company 

- Contacting customers and getting the opinion of 10% of them.

- Registering customer calls and creating a database

- Providing various ways to communicate with customers, including landline, mobile, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Aparat.

- Receiving customer complaints through various means, including the abovementioned routes and also agencies, workshops, standard inspectors, and provincial agencies of the oil company and finally recording all calls received from all methods

- Refer customer problems to relevant units (conversion, supply, finance) to solve problems and gain customer satisfaction

- Communicating with workshops and conveying customer points of view to colleagues throughout the country's workshops

- Resolving points of conflict between customers and workshops with the cooperation of the conversion unit

- Documenting the parts defects and following up to fix them by the manufacturer through cooperation with the supply unit. 

- Ensuring from increasing customer satisfaction with the company's performance and removing their concerns.

- Providing incentives and expressing the strengths of the project to better attract customers in the country.